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Welcome to YeapsY!

YeapsY is an event manager to ease the process of publishing, applying and selecting participants for an event.

YeapsY offers significant advantage to manual or regular form-based-application submission methods, by making event data management and publication easier. YeapsY is as well focused on improving the control of private data, and enables users to provide, update and delete their profile details and event applications anytime.

YeapsY is evolving everyday and adding new features. Feedback is always welcome.

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Getting YeapsY

YeapsY is free software licensed under GLPv3+. Latest version can be found in Github's project page:

   Visit YeapsY in Github
   Download latest tarball

Yeapsy is a standard ruby-sinatra application. If you need hosting for it, please contact us.


Contact and feedback is always welcome!


Features for users

User profile which keeps the useful information that needs to be collected from the participants of events

List of events to which the user can apply to and easy application form

List of applications that the user has sent, along with their review state and the possibility of deleting them

Features for event leaders and administrators

Easy creation and edition of events

List of applications collected for the event

Rating system for the applications, calculating the average of the marks provided and offering a quick overview of the values of applications

Easy export of participants lists to CSV (spreadsheet) format

Event state control (preparation, calling for participants...)

Application state control (accepted, rejected) and email notifications for participants